Travelling, cooking and other stuff

I have been an active blogger now on since 2007. It’s very much a professional blog, with postings about ideas I am working on, updates on projects, reflections from conferences, notes on interesting papers, etc. I have really enjoyed writing it and find it a valuable archive of things I am interested in. But there is life beyond work! Two of my passions are travelling and cooking. Lots of people have joked and said I should start a blog on these topics. So I decided to start a blog on more personal things. It will be interesting to see whether I keep this up and whether it’s of any interest to people!


2 comments on “Travelling, cooking and other stuff

  1. Of course we are interested Grainne! As one of the few people who has completed a marathon on all 7 continents, I think I can claim to have a passion for travel as well! I’d love to hear of your experiences.


    • LOL indeed Tony… thanks! Looking forward to doing this, think it should be fun and distinct from, shows I do have a life outside of elearning at least lol!

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