The kitchen diaries

I really like Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries. It’s more of a narrative than a cookery book; he records the food that he cooks for a year – from glorious roast dinners to leftovers and soups. It’s very inspirational, lots of great recipes and ideas. I love cooking soups with whatever is in the fridge (within reason) and the girls and I play ‘What’s in it?’ – they have got very good at it! Every soup is different – from Scotch broth variants to clear broths to thick creamy veg soups!! The book starts on New Year’s day with the following:

There is a single rose out in the garden, a faded bundle of cream and magenta petals struggling against grey boards. A handful of snowdrops peeps out from the ivy that has taken hold amongst the fruit trees.

He starts the book with dal and pumpkin soup and ends with cheese bubble and squeak – wonderful stuff!


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