The travel bug…

I’ve been reflecting on why I love travelling so much. When I was young I spent my whole time working,  just to get me through university– in social services during the day and at a pub at night. Meantime all my friends were travelling around Europe on the student Euro-train ticket. They would come back flushed and excited with wonderful tales about all the places they had been – France, Spain, Germany, Greece, etc. I was so envious! I didn’t actually go abroad till I was 18 when I went to visit my best friend who was staying with her grandparents near Bordeaux. My ferry was late and I missed all my connections, ended up walking across Paris, chatted to lots of interesting people and had a ball! Now I am lucky enough with my job to get to travel lots, unfortunately I don’t always have a lot of time to sightsee, but I pack in what I can. I love being immersed in a new culture, the sights and sounds, the language, architecture and food! Having learnt a little Spanish has made my trips to Spanish speaking countries so much more meaningful. Forthcoming visits include Copenhagen, Singapore, Dublin and South Africa! Will blog about my trips in due course. 😉

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2 comments on “The travel bug…

  1. Thanks for sharing the reflection, Grainne !
    I am also very fortunate to travel for my job. I have been to places I would never imagine I would go one day and that is awesome. I try to keep my friends updated when I travel and I tweet about it or post pictures. You are very good at keeping us posted, it´s always a pleasure to follow your updates and it feels like traveling while surfing the web.
    Enjoy your next destinations !

    • Hiya! Thanks! Yep love travel! One of the reasons for starting this blog was as a way of keeping track of all my travels and the fantastic memories and experiences! Will try to keep it up! 😉

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