The Art and Science of cooking

Cooking is both an Art and a Science in my opinion. It’s a Science because you need to know which flavours work well together and what is the right proportion of ingredients. Garlic, chilies, onions and wine are the base of many of the dishes I cook. It’s also a Science in that you need to get the timing right, particularly with roasts, ensuring that the roast potatoes are perfectly cooked – crispy on the outside and flowery on the inside. It’s an Art because it’s your own personal adaptations that can make all the difference. Also that there is an aesthetic quality; how you present the dish is part of the experience. In my humble opinion you can categorise sauces into four main types. 1. White sauce based dishes (include basic white sauce, cheese sauce and parsley sauce). 2. Tomato-based dishes (add a little red wine, it makes all the difference). 3. Wine-based dishes (white wine sauce is great with fish). and 4. Stock-based dishes.  Once you realise this you start to see the similarity between dishes, for example Bolognese, Moussaka, Shepherd’s pie and Lasagna are all just variants on tomato-based dishes!


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