Cookery books

I admit I have a lot of cookery books 😉 Some are well-worn old favourites used time and time again, others I just occasionally dip into. Delia Smith is a classic; her ‘Complete Cookery Course’ is a must. It describes everything from how to boil an egg to creating a complete Xmas dinner. I also like her summer and winter books, lots of great recipes! Nigel Slater is also a favourite, in addition to ‘The Kitchen Diaries’ I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I also frequently use his ‘Real Cooking’ book, the Greek baked fish is fantastic – particularly with sea bream or sea bass stuffed with dill – yummy. Jamie Oliver also has lots of great recipes – I’ve got ‘Happy days with the naked chef’ which includes a great curry recipe. But I also have some lesser known books, ‘One pot’ has lots of great recipes for stews etc. which I picked up years ago from ASDA! Sometimes I follow the recipes, other times I just flick through to get inspiration. And if you need to go on a diet I can thoroughly recommend Rosemary Conley’s books – lots of tips and hints on losing weight and some lovely recipes, I particularly like her beef wellington.


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