Perfect sense


I saw a great film on the plane back from Singapore  – Perfect Sense. It’s about an epidemic that sweeps the world and involves people losing their senses. The first to go is smell (and hence taste), then hearing (it’s very effective the way that they represent this in the film) and finally sight. Essentially it leads to the end of humanity. In the middle of all this a couple fall in love.  It stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. Quite a chilling story… The trailer can be found here.

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Singapore sling

I’ve just returned from a week in Singapore. I was attending a meeting of ICEM, where we were planning the annual conference in Cyprus in September and hearing about the proposals for the 2013 conference, which will be held in Singapore. We were staying in a lovely area, Clark’s Quay, which consists of lots of restaurants and bars by the river. It’s a mixture of quaint colourful buildings juxtaposed with gleaming skyscrapers. My favourite was a hotel, which consisted of three skyscrapers with a boat on the top!!! We walked about little India, which was awash with colourful stalls. Food and drink are expensive, but clothes are relatively cheap. I might have done a little shopping 😉 Of course we had to stop and have the mandatory cocktail in Raffles, an impressive building!! We finished the trip off with a night safari, which was excellent. The food was simply delicious; we had a hotpot one evening in a local shopping mall. Each person has their own pot of boiling soup, to which you add vegetables, meat and fish. We also ate at Jumbos, which is a seafood chain and had a fantastic feast including chilli crab, delicious but messy! You get given a bib to wear! I loved the mix of old and new buildings; there was some fantastic architecture. The campus we visited at Nanyang University was massive and beautifully laid out. Everything is so organised and clean, but there are signs everywhere saying you will be fined for doing this and that! As you might expect it was hot and humid, guaranteed to rain briefly every day. It was pleasant to get back to the coolness of the UK. Overall a good trip!

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