Emilia Romanga gastronomical delights

I am going to break my rule of only blogging about food that I have cooked, because the food that I had on a recent short trip to Italy was just so wonderful that I want to record it so that I can try some of the recipes at a later date.

I was staying in a wonderful small village high in the mountains in the Emilia Romanga region, which is renowned for its good food. I got the opportunity to experience both authentic home cooked Italian food and some wonderful restaurant meals. Where to start!

The first evening we had pizza – I had quantro stazioni one of my favourite pizzas. Simple, but wonderful. For lunch the next day we had a local speciality – Insalada Cereseto. It was invented by someone from the village about 15 years ago. It consists of tuna, with chopped egg, butter beans, which is then covered in slice apple topped with a coating of mayonnaise. Seems like a strange combination, but it was surprisingly good! The second evening we had a meal at my friend’s aunts house. She cooked homemade pasta stuffed with spinach, riccotto cheese, parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, an egg to bind the mixture and a few other secret ingredients. You can also add a little grated nutmeg apparently. This was followed by sliced veal with a stuffing in the middle, Russian salad and home grown tomatoes that were soo so sweet. The next day we had a feast for lunch. The first dish was chicken with peas cooked in a wonderfully rich sauce. This was followed by polenta topped with a mushroom sauce. The region is famous for its mushrooms and there are even restaurants that specialise in nothing but mushroom dishes. Many of the locals have secret locations for picking mushrooms, which they won’t reveal to anyone! To finish we had a rich fantastic homemade tiramisu.

In the evening, we ate outside a wonderful fish restaurant high in the mountains. For me this was the highlight of the trip. As an appetiser we were given potato cakes, which were deceptively simple but utterly divine. I am guessing but I think the ingredients included sliced potatoes and onions, rosemary and I suspect a mix of egg and cream. The mixture was surrounded by short crust pastry. I couldn’t get enough of them! The first course was seriously the best risotto I have ever had with great big gambas – rich and delicious. Finally for main there was ovan-based fish, which I suspect was sea bream, simply cooked and wonderful. What an amazing trip, I look forward to trying to reproduce some of the dishes.


3 comments on “Emilia Romanga gastronomical delights

  1. Hi Grainne, thanx for the hint to your cooking / travel blog 😉

    Yes, Italian dishes are mostly (apart of really tourist restaurants) very wonderful. We enjoyed a short culinary trip to Tuscany early june this year … and oh boy, the mezzelune filled with artichokes in a local village family place was really scrumptious 🙂
    But even when one just goes to the local supermarket, it is mouth watering.

    Looking forward to reading more … and occasionally will sink a slovene / austrian recipe for your collection.

    Best regards, Maja

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