Perfect sense


I saw a great film on the plane back from Singapore  – Perfect Sense. It’s about an epidemic that sweeps the world and involves people losing their senses. The first to go is smell (and hence taste), then hearing (it’s very effective the way that they represent this in the film) and finally sight. Essentially it leads to the end of humanity. In the middle of all this a couple fall in love.  It stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. Quite a chilling story… The trailer can be found here.

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The Butterfly Effect

I watched the butterfly effect again last night. The butterfly effect stems of course from chaos theory and the idea that the fluttering of a butterfly can have a major impact on events the other side of the world. It is one of those films you can re-watch again and again, each time seeing subtle nuances. It’s about a boy who has inherited his Dad’s madness (who is in a mental institution). He keeps having blackouts and each time terrible things happen, which in particular impact on the lives of his friends. His mother encourages him to keep a journal and when he is in college he discovers that he can return to the point in time of a blackout by reading the relevant journal entry. He does this time and time again to try and undo the bad things that happened and in particular the bad things that happened to the girl he loves. Needless to say he keeps failing and each time he just diverts the lives of himself and his friends to a new disastrous path.  The ending is particularly good; promise I won’t spoil it for you! 😉

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I saw a film about a year ago called Limitless. It is about a writer who has writer’s block. He meets an old friend who gives him a pill that enables him to access any memories or experiences he has ever had. So if he watched a Spanish film he is fluent in Spanish. He becomes an expert at everything and makes a lot of money. Of course it has a sinister side to it and there is a great twist at the end of the film. Well worth watching! The trailer is here.

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